First choice in the correction of technical audit deficiencies and building restoration works for condo towers in the Greater Toronto Area.

With our substantial experience in the engineering industry and as building science experts, we are well versed in locating and correcting technical audit deficiencies.

We have a proven track record of efficiently and capably delivering diverse projects to a high standard for a broad range of clients.

With a hands-on approach, we are extremely client focused and take pride in delivering our services with openness and dedication.



With our highly experienced crew we have completed numerous restoration contracts involving masonry, concrete work, waterproofing (hot rubber and cold applied) crack injections, ceramic tiling, gypsum wall board, interior finishes and landscaping works to name a few.

We are also skilled in leak investigation and repairs including sealing leaking cracks in underground garages with polyurethane expandable resin.



Below is a breakdown of just a few of the services we provide. Remember, this is just a summary so get in touch if there are any more specific services you require.

Technical Audit Repairs​

Interior renovations and restorations including all finishing details

Leak investigations in highrise condominium towers



Installation of fire-stopping assemblies

Preparation of permit drawings

Removing and replacing caulking

Sealing of cracks in foundation walls of parking garages

with polyurethane flexible resin (crack injections)

Metal work; we fabricate and install all kinds of iron railings, grills, stairs, ladders and guard-rails

Building restoration

Form and pour concrete

General contracting and bespoke planning for individual client needs (electrical, interior structural work and finishing, moving walls, dropping ceiling)

And much more...

"I appreciate the efforts and quality of service that Highrise Engineering Inc. have put into establishing an organization based on ethical engineering standards and focused on delivering great services to their clients."

Stephen Kalim Akhtar, Trow Associates Inc.



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